The HEART Work Model is grounded in coaching and leadership development.


Change begins and ends with people, which is why the model is grounded in coaching and leadership development.

The coach’s role is to guide and facilitate – to be the catalyst to your transformation and help you solve the problems that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The goal of the HEART Work Model is to create sustainable change through a rhythm of consistent behaviors that shape how you will operate moving forward. And it’s done by looking at your opportunities through a different lens (your heart) to find new approaches to problems.

“You change
the world by
being yourself.”

Yoko Ono

The HEART Work Model takes a minimum of four months to cement new habits and establish behaviors.

HEART Work Model

Hear your opportunity

Challenge and opportunity drive change. Which means you’re here because you see something on the horizon for yourself, your team and/or your business. Whether you’re being forced to change, or doing the forcing, I will listen deeply and help you define the opportunity as well as the challenges at hand.

STEP 2 Explore your potential

Do you want to transition to a new leadership role, commercialize a new product or design a new strategy to increase profitability? We’ll work together to explore the possibilities and uncover what might be holding you back. I’ll help you identify the mental and emotional triggers impeding your progress to instill a growth mindset.

STEP 3 Arrange the plan

Once we understand your goals and what might be holding you back, we can create a plan of action that is unique to you. That’s where the magic happens in your change transformation. We will create steps that are realistic and tangible that change the way you think and behave. The goal is to create new habits that overcome your mental and emotional triggers.

Realize the plan

In this phase, you will put your plan into practice. Change is hard, and it takes commitment, practice, and learning from failure to change habits and instill new behaviors. We’ll work together to set a routine and celebrate your wins as you learn to lead with consistency.

STEP 5 Transform your life

Culture is behavior over time, and behavior is a collection of habits. By practicing your new habits every day, you will create sustainable change that transforms your career, your organization… and even your life.

Change is hard.
Change is heart work.

A variety of coaching packages are offered to accommodate your unique needs.